• Scott Yetter

    Lead Pastor, English Congregation

    Scott came to First EV Free Church of Los Angeles as a college student in 1993 and has been a part of the church for the majority of the years since then. In 2000 he joined the staff as an Assistant Pastor. He and his wife Sarah started the S.A.Y. Yes! Youth Center, Pico Union in 2001. In 2002, they began the Nehemiah House, which is an intentional community and urban internship. Scott and Sarah and three of their young children live in the Emmaus House, an expansion of the Nehemiah House community. 

  • Carlos Pizarro

    Lead Pastor, Spanish Congregation

    In 1997, Carlos joined staff as the English and Spanish Congregation's Youth Pastor for First EV Free Church of Los Angeles. He has served as the Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor of the Spanish Congregation until 2015, when he then became the lead pastor of the Spanish Congregation. Carlos is bi-vocational and also teaches elementary school at a dual-language public school. He and his wife Cecy are from Peru. 

  • English Congregation Elders and Deacons


    • Scott Y
    • Mark P
    • Alex V


    • Wendell B
    • Sarah Y
    • Tammy G
    • Cameron K
    • Marta M
    • Emily S
  • Spanish Congregation Leaders

    • Willson A
    • Ricardo G
    • Mireya M
    • Dorcas O
    • Carlos P
    • Emma S